Laminated Portable Bar Table

Portable Bar Table Blue

Portable bar table – The best DIY projects are those that allow you to add a personal touch to the finished project. Laminating a bar table with embedded images are a relatively inexpensive way to liven up an otherwise boring bar top. The laminate is easy to apply and gives a clear, durable finish that gives your portable bar table extra protection and increase its longevity. The key to a professional-looking job is to use the right products and follow their advice carefully.


Sand portable bar table surface with 180-grit sandpaper. Sand just enough to roughen the surface of the touch. When sanding wood, always sand in fiberriktn. Brush any dust away from the surface with a dry cloth. Protect yourself with rubber gloves, safety glasses and long sleeved clothing.

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Put the two parts of the epoxy together and mix them well. This is the most important part of the epoxy application process. Follow specific guidelines label exactly. Measure the two parts of the epoxy accurately with respect list of label (typically a part resin to one part curing agent). Pour the thin seal coat on bare tabletop. Pour the entire amount from one end of the rod top to the other.

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Place photos on top of the seal coat in the desired order. It is good to partially overlap photographs. Prepare a second batch of the epoxy by the method set out in steps 3 and epoxy label. Pour the entire amount of the coat flood from one end of the top bar to the other. Spread seal coat evenly over the surface with a squeegee. Use only scratches easily control the spreading epoxy. Let the coat flood to dry for four hours.