Kitchen Recessed Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Recessed Lighting And Rustic Style

Kitchen recessed lighting or embedded lights, offer a streamlined look in a home due to the lack of laces, lampshades or fixtures. Recessed lighting works in most kitchen designs. Depending on how the lights are arranged around the kitchen, recessed lighting can increase the amount of light in a room, accent artwork or interior design and lighter spaces so that they look and feel bigger.

Art Gallery

If you love art and have paintings, sculptures or portraits in your kitchen, kitchen recessed lighting is a great option to highlight your plays. Make sure your art is along a wall so that each piece can be lit with a row of recessed lights. Install your line of recessed lights with dimmer along the wall where your artwork appears. The straight line of recessed lights gives the feeling of an art gallery space. The wall that contains your art becomes a new gathering point in the room.

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Additional lighting

Around a chandelier or ceiling fan in your kitchen, adding complementary lighting uses recessed lights. Install your recessed lights at random around the room main light source or luminaire. This gives the room a bright, open look. Space the lamps far enough apart to each create their own spotlight. With a headlamp for the room already in place, your kitchen recessed lighting can be up to five feet apart.

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