Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas

Nice Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

Kitchen island pendant lighting – Hanging lamps hung over a kitchen island can provide important lighting to illuminate a hard working part of your kitchen, but the lights must be hanged at the right height for maximum utility and beauty. The right height to hang the lights depends on some important factors, and the good news is, there is no strict right or wrong answer.

Begin with Standard height

Standard height for hanging kitchen island pendant lighting is 30-32 inches above the worktop. Use this height as the starting point, and adjust up or down depending on several factors. It may be best to have another hanging light at 30 to 32 inches above the kitchen island while you step back and analyze it.

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Measure length chain

When hanging the kitchen island pendant lighting, you should be able to see at least five inches of the chain. If you cannot see at least that much, adjust the pendant lower, closer to the kitchen countertop. The tallest person in the house should be under pendant so that it hangs at least two inches longer than the head. The jewel must be hanged at a height giving that person a clear visual path across the island. If it is hung too low – less than 2 inches above his head – the lightweight stand will obscure the sight and become a nuisance.

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