Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar Ideas

Luxury Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

Kitchen island breakfast bar – One of the best ways to get the most out of the kitchen space is to centralize some of its features. Adding a bar to kitchen cabinets helps homeowners use their kitchen space wisely. If island bar is the location of the range, it adds a chef-and-serve feature to the kitchen that keeps the food in a centrally located area. For precision measurements, our island cabinet is 36 inches wide.


Place 1-by-12-inch timber on a work table together with brackets. Measure from one end of 12-inch timber and mark the center (18 inches). Measure the width of the kitchen island breakfast bar, and divide the difference on each side of the center mark. For example, if the stack is 4 inches wide, make a mark of 2 inches from my mark in both directions. Place the console on the markers and trace its patterns on 12-inch timber. Remove the bracket and drill two steering holes with variable speed drill and 1/16 inch drill.

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Drill one hole within one inch from the top and the other whole one inch from the bottom of the kitchen island breakfast bar. Repeat this for the brackets that will be installed on the ends of 12-inch timber. Apply glue to the area where the brackets will be installed, and attach them with the tire screws. Be careful not to lower the screws more than necessary to prevent them from protruding from the front of the console. Clean excess adhesive immediately with a damp cloth.

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