Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors Ideas

Awesome Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Kitchen cabinet paint colors were the height of style back in the 1990s, but they know their age and look dated now that two decades have passed. You do not need to hire a cabinet reface to update them; you can do the job yourself with a gallon of dark brown color and careful prep work. Painting kitchen shutters is a good weekend DIY project, and on Monday morning, your kitchen will have entered the new millennium.


Remove the drawers from your cabinets. Unscrew and remove cabinet doors, remove hinges. Remove any drawer draws and buds. Sand cabinet frame, so that drawer fronts and drawers remove old finishes. Dump away residue with a clean cloth. Begin with the inside of the kitchen cabinet paint colors, using a mini roller to apply brown color to the back of the cabinet, sides, tops and bottom of shelves and edges and corners. Paint in even strokes, roll in the same direction.

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Brush brown paint on box fronts, using a 1-inch brush, and start with the rear edge. Be careful not to get color on the sides or inside of the drawers. Roll paint on a regular size roller to cover cabinet doors, kitchen cabinet sides and any removable shelves properly. Paint the edges first, since the wide surface, also uses stroke everything goes in the same direction. Paint the kitchen cabinet paint colors frame with a 1-inch brush. Begin with the inner edges of the frame, then the outer frame of the face. Allow the paint to dry overnight.

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