Kitchen Cabinet Colors Cranberry Red

White Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Kitchen cabinet colors are usually white or light colored for a classic look. While light kitchen shutters make a space look cleaner, they do not make much for coloring. If you want to grow an eye-catching contemporary aesthetic, cranberry red is a good choice. In color theory, deep red tones are considered to be the boldest choice — in other words, red catches the eye more than any other color. Bold colors may be high when paired with other contrasting colors, but neutral walls and clipping colors can balance red cabinets for a kitchen with feel and style.

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Wipe glossy kitchen cabinet colors surfaces with liquid debris and a cloth. If your cabinet is raw and unfinished, skip this step. Liquid dissolves smooth finish for easier color adhesion. Remove hardware from the cabinets. For most cabinets, a Phillips or screwdriver should do the trick. Protect wall and floor surfaces with target tape and plastic film.

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Prime cupboards with toned primer, using a brush and roll. Primer leads to better and more durable coverage, and toned varieties help deep cranberry red cover fewer layers. Wait until the primer dries. Kitchen cabinet colors surfaces with cranberry red oil-based paint, using a brush and roll. Oil-based colors are more expensive than latex paints, but they last longer when exposed to steam and heat from kitchen machines.