Keep Safety Cat Christmas Tree Test

Nov 26th
Proof Cat Christmas tree
Proof Cat Christmas tree

Cat Christmas tree – One of the most popular symbols of Christmas is the tree, decked with balls and colored ribbons. Anyone who owns a cat, however, often has to make a choice. Whether to give up the Christmas tree, or whether to risk to find it from one moment destroyed. Any advice for making the Christmas tree even if you have a cat at home.

For  cat christmas tree, you should choose plastic balls, so unbreakable to limit any damage. More decorations are more cats glittering and brilliant it will be attracted. Some decorations can be irresistible for him. Better to choose matte decorations and not very bright, even better if made of wood, felt or paper. If you love to decorate the tree with sweets and delicacies better to abandon the idea. Considering for example that chocolate is toxic to cats. See also toxic foods for cats.

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If you just do not want to give up the silver tape it is better move as high as possible. Each decoration must be firmly attached on the branches of the tree. Put electric wires on the cat christmas tree with a cat in the house is always risky. Cables and wires are very tempting for him especially if you hang from the branches. It is advisable to cover the excess cables with electrical tape. And also always turn off the lights when you are not present with the cat in circulation. It may help protect the cables with the cable ducts to prevent the rosicchiarli cat.

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