Installing Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Gold Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Kitchen cabinet handles can update the look of your location and also make it much easier to open the doors. If you have newer cabinets and do not get around installing cabinet steering wheel, it is possible to do it yourself. All you need are some basic tools for attaching the kitchen cabinet steering wheel and updating your kitchen.


Determine where you want to place the steering wheel on the cabinet doors. Place the knob near the bottom of the door for overlap. Fit the kitchen cabinet handles near the top of the door for the lower cabinet. Attach the steering wheel to the center of the door for the eye level cabinet. Measure the length of the cabinet with a tape measure. To install a knob in the middle of the cabinet, divide the length of two. Measure the amount down from the top of the cabinet and draw a horizontal mark with a pencil.

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Start at the edge of the cabinet where the door opens and measures in one or two inches and place a vertical mark. Place a mark where the two lines cross each other. This is where you will install the steering wheel. If there is a door facing, repeat this step for the second door and use that level to make sure the marks are the same. Drill holes for the kitchen cabinet handles on the marks you made and make sure the drill bit is the same size as the screw for the steering wheel. Go all the way through the woods and back out again. If necessary, use a star screwdriver to tighten the rest of the road. Repeat this step for each matching door.

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