Installing Interior Stair Railing

Top Interior Stair Railing

Interior stair railing – Installing a stair railing will improve the safety of your staircase. Stair railings are independent of the stairs and installed on a wall. The handrail is fixed to the wall with metal handrail brackets. The brackets are attached to the wall studs. It is important to install the brackets wall studs to ensure that the handrail is secure. Choose a railing and mounting brackets that match your woodwork and metal, so that the project blends well with your existing interior.

How to installing interior stair railing, measure up from the bottom stair to the desired height for the handrail to be placed on the wall using a tape measure. Label the test with a pencil. Do the same from the top of the stairs. Run a chalk line from the bottom pencil mark to the top with the help of another person. Snap chalk line in the middle of the transfer line on the wall. This line represents the location of the handrail along the wall of the staircase.

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After that to installing interior stair railing, slide a stud finder along the chalk line on the wall. The stud finder will indicate stud places in the wall. Mark the location of the studs with a pencil. Place a bracket on the wall at each pencil mark indicating a stud along the chalk line. Run the supplied screws through the mounting bracket holes in the wall using a screw gun. Center the railing on top of the handrail brackets. Drive screws through the holes in the brackets on the bottom of the handrail to secure it in place.

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