Installing Hardwood Stair Tread Covers

Inspiring Stair Tread Covers

Stair tread covers – Starting with remove the mat by pulling it from the tack strip and discard. Pull padding off from the treads and risers edge. Cut the leading edge of the stair tread even with risers. Measure from under the stairs tread at several points, and transfer the measurement to the top of the tread staircase. With a straight edge or pop a chalk line, draw a cutting line on the upper edge of the stair tread. Measure each step; the distance from the riser can vary.

Set the saw to the depth of the path. Cut as far as you can with a circular saw and jigsaw, and then finish the cut with a jigsaw. To remove all sawdust and other debris, vacuum the stairs. Start at the bottom of the stairs. Cutting hardwood to the length of the riser. Measure stair tread covers in several different areas. Place the bottom piece of hardwood over the riser. Nail into the stair step through the tongue portion. Continue until the paths are covered. Face nail the final piece of hardwood stair tread covers near the top of the tread staircase.

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Trim the edge of the stairs to fit side to side dimensions of steps. Attach nosing to the stair tread with construction adhesive. Cut pieces of hardwood for the stair tread covers. Use whole pieces to cover the tread staircase, and trim the final piece to the width if necessary. Dry installing hardwood to ensure a good fit. Spread construction adhesive to the tread with a trowel. Press the hardwood in the construction glue begins at nosing. Complete each stair tread covers step in the same way until reaching the top.

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