Installing Faux Concrete Countertops Cooker

Perfect Faux Concrete Countertops

Faux concrete countertops – Countertop cookers can help save floor space in your kitchen. Instead of having a full stove and oven device on the floor print of your kitchen, you can give yourself extra storage by moving the oven to the wall and cook the stove for the worktop. When installing a countertop cooker, you should always contact the manufacturer’s directions. Take measurements of the area where you want to install the kitchen cooker. A tape measure will be your best friend as you decide where on the kitchen table you want the oven to sit. The hob should have about 2 inches of distance to all sides. In addition, you will need to find the oven for the nearest gas supply.

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Trace a cut to the kitchen stove. Use a paper cutout to track the opening required for the hob on the counter with a pencil. Homeowners with faux concrete countertops can cut open. Stone worktops are best to leave to professionals. Apply clear tape to the kitchen table so that it partially overlaps the lines drawn for the cut. The tape will help prevent the laminate from chipping as you cut it.

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Installing faux concrete countertopsdrill a hole in each of the corners of the track template with a drill and drill bit. When drilling holes, use a stick saw to cut the right lines between them. Near the end of the cut you may need to have someone hold up the cut piece so it does not fall and break early.