Indoor Stair Railing Installation

Indoor Stair Railing Kit

Indoor stair railing – Measuring the length of the stairs along the adjacent wall. Cut stair railings about 6 inches shorter than the length of the stairs. Cut each end of stair railings at a 45 degree angle using a miter. Locate the studs in the wall along the stairs and mark their location with stud finder. Measure straight up the wall about 30 inches from the top step is closest to the wall stud. Adds a ruler level with this line and make a mark on the stud location.

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This is where the foremost stair railing bracket will be installed. Either a manual or electric screwdriver, attach stair railing bracket to wall stud wood screws. Approximately 24 30 inches longer repeats down the stairs from the first bracket, the steps to attach a second bracket. Before you reach the bottom of the stairs, continue attaching brackets. Lay indoor stair railing in place. Linking it to every stair railing bracket with a fixing bracket (included with each).

Fixing bracket must be screwed into stair railings while it is held in place. You cannot pre party attachment brackets, and then enter them. They are designed to be secured by railing on site. Use wood screws to secure attachment brackets of small arm protruding from stair railings parentheses. Do a test when all brackets are attached. Understanding stair railings and tighten, using all powers. It should not give; stair railings must be strong enough to withstand the weight of a person. Your indoor stair railing installation was done.

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