Ideas Outdoor Cat Tree House

Awesome Outdoor Cat Tree House

Outdoor cat tree house – Cats love to climb, and if you have an indoor cat, the last thing you want for your frisky cat to climb up your bookshelves, on top of your furniture or curl up on your floor lamps and curio cabinets. When it’s time to make your cat’s own humble abode, consider a cat tree. To help the environment, do a cat tree from real tree branch or trunk.

Find a good, sturdy branch from outdoor cat tree house, or consider a longer part of a tree trunk with branches extend. Remove all the leaves from the tree branch. Cut the bottom of the trunk of a tree saw so that it is flat and can be fixed properly on a flat piece of wood. Make sure the branch is flat so that it is stable and can hold the weight of your cat properly.

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Obtain firewood that is relatively thick and wide to ensure that there is a stable base for your outdoor cat tree house. The higher your branch, the more you will want your wood baseboard to be. Draw the outline of the tree trunk with a pen when placed centered on the wooden base. According wooden base, mark an “X” in four places for your screw placement. Make sure they are spaced far enough apart to provide security, but close enough that they do not screw through the edge of the bark and show through.

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