Ideas For Paint Laminate Countertops That Look Like Granite

Nice Laminate Countertops That Look Like Granite

Laminate countertops that look like granite – Granite is a beautiful complement to any kitchen. But the cost of real granite may not suit your budget. Fortunately, there is a technique to paint cheap plastic laminate worktops, so they resemble granite. Sponge painting is a simple process and suitable for a beginner to home improvement and faux painting techniques even if you may want to practice your method on a board before you try it on the countertop.

Ideas for paint laminate countertops that look like granite clean the worktop with a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar to remove all grease and dirt from the surface. Sand countertop with an electric grinder loaded with 100 sandpaper. Then paint the worktop with a high adhesion alcohol based primer. Allow the primer to dry.

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Then ideas for paint laminate countertops that look like granite, select color colors for your countertop by examining a piece of proper granite in the color scheme you want. And you must choose three colors consisting of a light shadow, a medium shade and a dark shade. Then apply a silver or gold metallic paint to the disc with a brush. Natural granite has a light skimmer that can be reproduced on the worktop with metallic paint. And then choose gold color for warm tones and silver for cool tones. Allow metal paint to dry before proceeding. Sponge paints the medium shadow of color over the counter. The purpose is to reproduce the natural variations in granite so do not worry about covering the entire surface.

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