Ideas For Paint Faux Granite Countertops

Install Faux Granite Countertops

Faux granite countertops – The counters in your kitchen or bath can begin to look worn out after a couple of years. Even if they are in good condition, you do not like that pattern or color counts the surface. And then paint is a miracle worker on almost any substance. Even your counters can be completely transformed with paint. Granite is the most expensive surface that you can put in your kitchen. If you cannot afford granite, but you can afford a pair of cans of paint, mean faux painting techniques. Faux painting can make your boring linoleum or Formica look like mimic granite.

Choose a faux granite countertops color and pattern. Look at granite samples at a tile store to choose granite that you like. And then clean your counters with ammonia based cleaner and clean rags. Scrub off all the rest from the counters. Any dirt left will interfere with the paint’s ability to bond to the surface of the cabinet. Wipe the dish carefully. Sand the counter with medium sandpaper grain. Then create texture on the surface of the disc with sandpaper. Some texture will allow primer to sink in and stuck to the surface. Wipe all abrasive dust with a damp cloth.

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Apply primer to the counters with a smooth foam roll. Sift the roll with primer and roll a thin layer on the counters. Allow the primer to dry for four to six hours. Then paint the counters with the base color of paint. Choose the color that is most prominent in granite pattern. Bright granite colors should start with a white or tan base. Black faux granite countertops will start with black base color paint. And then apply a thin layer of paint with a smooth foam roll. Allow the first player to dry for about 30 minutes. Apply another layer of the same color. Allow the paint to dry completely for four to six hours.

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