Ideas For Install Granite Countertop Support Brackets

Stylish Granite Countertop Support Brackets

Granite countertop support brackets are a strong and attractive topping on every stone bench, both indoors and outdoors. Since granite is known for its strength and longevity, once you have glued it into place. You have a finished product that will stand through the ages, lasting decades while other materials rage around it. Since only the installation requires the application of a piece of glue, it is quick and straightforward, just taking a few minutes to attach the bench to the legs.

Select a setting for your granite countertop support brackets. Measure the dimensions of the countertop and then use these measurements to place the legs so that the top will hang over the front and back of the legs 2 inches, and 6 inches above the outer point of the legs. Place the legs on the ground and let the weight of the stone leave a recess for about five minutes. Take your legs and use a shovel to dig the recessed area to a depth of about 2 inches. Compress the hole with a tampering. Add sand as a straw and compact to the thickness of 3/4 inch with a stamping tool.

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Spread beads of concrete glue over the tops of the bench legs where you plan to place the granite countertop support brackets. Use a moderate amount of glue to ensure full coverage along the base of the bench at the leg sites. Spread the glue into the seats for the bottom of the bench where the legs will sit as well.

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