Idea Concrete Countertops Colors Black

Nice Concrete Countertops Colors

Concrete countertops colors are versatile and long lasting. They do not have to be cold, gray plates of cement. Instead, turn your concrete countertops into a warm and inviting part of your kitchen or bathroom. Many companies offer the opportunity to add a pigment directly to cement while still wet. But if you regret you or your design preferences for a few years along the way, you can easily paint the concrete a new color of your choice, such as black.

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Idea concrete countertops colors black, clean your concrete countertop with a stone countertop cleaner. Look over the worktop for all loose areas or cracks. Scrape the loose areas with a chisel and then patch them with a vinyl-specific patch. Fill any cracks with epoxy crack filler. Run strips of target tape around bench edges to cover surfaces that you do not want to paint on. Dip a brush in a gallon of black cement paint mixed with primer. Use brush to cut around bench edges.

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The best ideas concrete countertops colors, pour the black paint / primer mixture into a paint tray. Dig a roller into the mix, and then roll it on the concrete worktop. When the entire countertop has been painted, wait until it is dry when touched, which usually takes between one and two hours. Apply a second layer of black paint / primer as soon as the first coat dries. Wait 2 to 3 days before using your countertop.