How To Start A Backyard Chicken Coop Plans

Backyard Chicken Coop Plans Big

Backyard chicken coop plans – A small farm in your garden provides quality products for your kitchen and a rewarding hobby. If you do not have much land, and a lot of time, you may not be able to be self-sufficient, but you can have new-laid eggs, most of the fruits and vegetables that you need and even fresh fish.


Draw a plan of the space you have and make a realistic estimate of how much time you can devote to the project before deciding backyard chicken coop plans and animals that you will raise. You may be able to spend weekend afternoons and a few hours each day, which is enough time to keep chickens, fish and a variety of fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Do not get involved.

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Map out where you should raise any animals, plants, fruit trees and growing vegetables on the pitch. Dig a pond, if you are planning to raise edible fish such as tilapia. You need to pond liner, gravel, rocks and water plants. Pond heater and dust filter may be necessary, depending on the type of fish and the climate. Build animal stables as a chicken coop and run. These are not hard to do yourself, but to save time; you can buy cheap premade devices.

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Buy all the food and equipment you need, such as grain, straw, a shovel, dietary supplements, food bowls and water dispensers. Obtain information about a specialist veterinarian in your area. Animals need daily care, including feeding and habitat cleaning. Backyard chicken coop plans require different levels of maintenance depending on the species that may include weeding, watering, pruning, pest control and crop.