How To Replace Outside Stair Railing

Beautiful Outside Stair Railing

Outside stair railing – Outdoor steps and rails have a tendency to become damaged and unusable over time, necessitating their replacement. Remove the original damaged front and step guide rail by first cutting off the railing of concrete step with a reciprocating saw provided with a cutting blade. Choose a place to cut it close to where the rail meets the plunge. Smash up the old concrete step with a sledgehammer. It is not necessary to create small stones, just to break up the steps into moving pieces. Move these pieces out of the way when you’ve broken them up.

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Install the concrete steps forms. You can sometimes buy these from DIY stores, but it is generally cheaper to make them yourself using plywood and 2 – by-6 lumber. To do this, start by measuring the drop from the top floor to the ground, and then measure the distance from where the staircase butts up against the house or the patio to the end of the outside stair railing. For example, maybe you have a 3 – foot drop and a 3-foot distance.

Cut two pieces of plywood to the size you measured. In the example, this would be two pieces of plywood which is 3 -feet square. Then hold the two pieces of plywood together and cut out the desired number of steps. For a 3 – foot drop, four step great, because outside stair railing should have about an 8 – inch rise. It need not be perfect, but as long as it’s close.

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