How To Refinish Modern Kitchen Tables

Super Elegant Modern Kitchen Tables

Modern kitchen tables can get a lot of abuse over time. Painting wood kitchen tables will protect them from further abuse and improve their beauty. Even lacquering takes a lot of work, such as chemical stripping and grinding; the result is always worth the extra hassle.


Brush a thick layer of chemical stripping on the table. Allow the driver to sit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove stripper with a color scraper or flap. Repeat this process until all targets have been removed from the modern kitchen tables. Clean the strip from the table following the instructions specified by the manufacturer. Allow the table to dry completely.

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Lightweight sand modern kitchen tables with a sanding block and fine sandpaper. This will level the wood and prepare it for the wood stain. When you finish grinding, vacuum the table and wipe it with a pillow case. The table must be free from dust before dyeing it. Brush bets on the table. Wipe the table with a clean cloth to remove any extra stain. Allow the stain to dry. Finish the table by brushing it with polyurethane. After the finish line is completely dry, light sand table with fine slippery paper. When ground, wipe the table down with a pillowcase. Apply a second layer of polyurethane. Wait until polyurethane wipes before use.

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