How To Paint White Kitchen Countertops

Modern White Kitchen Countertops

White kitchen countertops – What’s more charming than a hand-painted, personal, functional artwork? By painting your own kitchen counter, you can insert colors and patterns that complement your existing kitchen interior. With durable surface layers such as enamel and polyurethane, furniture such as wooden kitchen benches can withstand years of hard use without showing much wear. No special skill required. With a little more than an idea and a little color, you can create a masterpiece that you will be proud to show.


Prepare the bench for cleaning and grinding paint to level and give a “tooth” to the surface. When dry, apply a layer of water based primer, using a 3 inch detail roll. White kitchen countertops thoroughly dry and apply a second layer to seal wood and provide a smooth surface. Paint the bench in the dominant color you have chosen. Using a 3 inch detail roll, cover smoothly, then allow to dry. Apply a second layer in the same way.

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Choose your design and white kitchen countertops. Show your passion. Kitchen and food-related themes are very popular. If coffee is your thing, you can paint steamy cups of espresso. If you’re a big baker, you can paint a picture of your finest cakes, along with the recipe, right on the bench. You are limited only by your imagination. Choose colors that complement those in your kitchen. Draw your design. Cut a piece of paper of the same size as the seat of the bench. Using a pen, easily draw parts of your design. When you are happy with your drawing, go over the darker lines.

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