How To Paint Marble Look Countertops

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Marble look countertops have a beautiful, luxurious look that can enhance your kitchen interior. But it also comes with a high price tag. If you currently have a laminate countertop and want a marble one, you have to pay for both removing the old countertop and installing the new one. For a cheaper alternative, paint your laminate worktop using specific methods to make it look like marble.

How to paint marble look countertops; thoroughly sand the surface of the laminate worktop with a fine release paper. This removes any shine or lust and roughens the surface. Mix disodium phosphate with water as instructed on the TSP packaging. This is an industrial strength cleaner that removes grease, dirt and junk from the countertop. Because different products have different dilution requirements, follow the product label carefully.

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Then to paint marble look countertops, apply a layer of plastic paint primer with a roller to the bench surface. At the edges, use a 4-inch brush for more control. Primer helps the color stuck on the laminate surface. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly for the recommended amount of time as printed on the product label. This may take about 24 hours. Roll a layer of background color for your marble. Use latex paint with an eggshell finish. Then you can choose an off-white color, soft yellow or any other color, depending on the marble you are trying to imitate. Apply a different color on top of base coat while base coat still fresh wet.

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