How To Modernize Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Review Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Maple kitchen cabinets – The cheap way to modernize these cabinets is to paint. Clear maple colors accept painting without much preparation. It’s a hard, non-porous wood with a tight, smooth grain, so you do not need to prime. Just sand easily so that the color attaches. Use a light neutral color, and the cabinets look fresh and up-to-date. Change the hardware to elegant and simple handles to make a modern effect fast.


Remove cabinet doors carefully by unscrewing the hinges with an electric screwdriver. Remove all hardware from doors and drawers. If you plan to reuse the hinges, store them safely in a bowl. Tape the edges of the maple kitchen cabinets with blue target tape to protect the walls and ceilings. Cover backsplash and countertops with the magazine and tape it to protect them from color. Lay drop cloths on the floor. Mix some drops of mild detergent in a small bowl of water. Soak a cleaning strain with the mixture and clean the kitchen shutters to make sure there is no dust or grease residue.

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Sand the surface easily with fine sandpaper. Wipe with a dust cleaner to clean dust from all surfaces. Paint all maple kitchen cabinets, using a brush to gently paint the edges and crevices. Be careful not to splash paint on the ceiling or other surfaces that you do not want to paint. Paint the wide areas of the cabinet with rolled dipped in color. Allow the first coat to dry and then apply a second layer of paint.

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