How To Make Simple Tall Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Tall Kitchen Cabinets

Tall kitchen cabinets – Money is no object when kitchen remodels are the project. However, you can hardly allocate any money for cabinets and save big money for appliances and plumbing. Be willing to take bold chances of color and with unconventional materials when building your own cabinets.


Inventory and purge

Judge what you really need tall kitchen cabinets to hold. Downsize your stuff and you may find that you need less space. Inventory of kitchen equipment and accessories that you actually use on a daily basis and ignore the rest. The simple step will help open the options for unconventional cabinets. Use porcelain hutches or high entertainment districts as the primary focus of your kitchen remodel. Make a bold message with a big piece and have the rest of the kitchen cabinets work in to design. Add shelves to pieces, obscure glass doors with tissue paper applied with white glue or paint in colors that show you know this is a unique solution.

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Use the cabinet for the drawers in the new kitchen you design. Check that the drawers are in good condition. Construct wood frames under the tall kitchen cabinets to raise the height to the standard 36-inch disk height. Paint kitchen cabinets strong colors, both inside and out. Add cutlery, cooking utensils, plastic caps, griddles and whatever fits in the drawers. Paint archive cabinet. Build a wooden frame under the cabinets to bring them up to 36 inches in height. Put a tile top, a laminate slab or make a faux butcher top with scrap timber from wooden pallets. Tall file cabinets make large pantry storage.

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