How To Make Pour In Place Concrete Countertop

Pour In Place Concrete Countertop Kitchen

Pour in place concrete countertop can act like a thrifty do-it-yourself project, considering the amount of physical work. The steps are easy to follow, despite the difficulty of the task, and the most challenging part for those who are unwilling to work with concrete becomes mixing and applying concrete in the counter mold. Use rubber gloves, goggles, a long-sleeved T-shirt and jeans to protect your skin against exposure to the concrete mix and do not let a lack of experience discourage you from taking the challenge of making your own pour-in-place concrete countertop.

How to make pour in place concrete countertop, create mold, cut a piece of melamine that is the length and width you want your countertop. This will be the base of your mold and will remain in place when the rest of the mold is removed. Nail or screw the board into place on top of your cabinet. Cut melamine strips become the sides and the front of your mold. Each strip should be the intended height of the thickness of your worktop. Nail each strip to the base of the shape with a nail gun. Use nails about 2/1 inches longer than the thickness of melamine. Longer nails may be different to remove and shorter nails cannot be strong enough to hold the concrete.

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Ideas for make pour in place concrete countertop, apply a 1/4 inch strand of seam to the edges inside the melamine mold to prevent leakage and give a bent appearance to the edges of your concrete countertop. Use a wet cloth over your finger to level the caulk along the edges of the mold. Set reinforcement mesh to the melamine mold to ensure the integrity of the concrete countertop and to prevent cracking when the concrete dries. Do not stitch more than an inch from the area that will be on top of the countertop.

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