How To Make Concrete Countertop Edge Forms

Concrete Countertop Edge Forms Small

Concrete countertop edge forms – Concrete countertops are very beneficial for homeowners. They are robust, relatively inexpensive and very versatile. You can build your own if you are familiar with how concrete shapes are used. Measure the surface of the countertop, and then rip melamine boards to the length, width and height of your worktop. Allow an extra inch on each side to compensate for the width of melamine. For example, a 6-foot 3-foot countertop with 3-inch countertop comes with two 3-inch-wide 6-foot boards, two 6-foot 1-inch 3-foot 1-inch discs and two 3-inch whole with 3-foot 1-inch discs to make ends.

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How to make concrete countertop edge forms; draw a strict silicone over the 3-inch bottom edge with 6-foot boards. Apply another string of silicone on the inside corner shape and smooth with your finger. The entire mold must sealed waterproof and should not leak. Measure the width and length of the sink for the sink. Cut melamine boards to the length and width of the sink, and build a square shape that blocks this area sink.

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Then to make concrete countertop edge forms, turn the mold over when the glue dries and drill holes through the bottom shape card and into the sink form boards. Create the crane cutouts using 2-inch PVC pipes. To top each shape with another sheet of melamine, cut another 6 feet 1 inch with 3 feet on board. Apply silicone to the edge and mount it on the form. Drill holes around the edge of the board and screw the lid to the mold. Secure the edges with another layer of silicone.