How To Lay Kitchen Laminate Flooring

Wooden Kitchen Laminate Flooring

Kitchen laminate flooring – When you lay a laminate floor around a barrier like a kitchen island, it is easier to start the installation around as a barrier and work away from it. This will minimize the amount of cut you have to make and the number of tight gaps where you have to fit the floor.


Level the kitchen laminate flooring and seal the gaps with floor float and sand compound apartment with a strip of tape when it dries. Leave no protruding because you will feel these as you walk on the floor. Dust the floor when done. Spread a vapor barrier over the floor and staple down. Open the floor panels and allow the discs to acclimatize to the room for three to five days before installing them.

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Start the installation by laying a course of kitchen laminate flooring along one of the sides of the island and expanding it to the wall or cabinet on either side of the room. Then work away from the cabinet, install the next course with the ends stuck at least 6 inches from the ends of the first course. Click the boards together by lifting one or the end as you squeeze the boards or use a stroke and a hammer to tie the boards together. Using a circular saw, rip the discs adjacent to the wall to fit, and use a pry bar to bend them to adjacent boards.

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