How To Lay Carpet Stair Treads

Carpet Stair Treads Adhesive

Carpet stair treads prevent the treads from dirt and damage in order to be clean. You can complete the job yourself with appropriate tools. Reduce installation costs further while using carpet remnants from other rooms in your home.


Place the tape measure at the lower edge of the riser at the bottom of the stairs. Pull the tape up the riser, the nosing of the step and the rear edge of the tread. Multiply the measurement of the number of steps of your staircase to determine the length of the carpet stair treads you need. Cut the mat according to the measurements. Use a utility knife with a straight blade.

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Cut the padding for each tread. They should be the width of a step and long enough to cover the nosing. Staple pad to each tread with a staple gun. Place the carpet on the stairs with the pile pointing down. Tuck the edge of the carpet from the floor and tackles strip at the bottom of the stairs. Use a bolster chisel, also called a stepped tool. This mode reduces the risk of dirt getting caught in the carpet stair treads. Stretch the carpet up over the nosing and across the tread of the step. Place the knee kicker in the middle of the tread and hit it with your knee to push the carpet on tackles strip. Repeat this process on both sides of the starting position.

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