How To Install The Closet Door Handles

Double Closet Door Handles

The installation of a closet door handles is as simple a home improvement project as it is since it involves drilling a single hole. The installation of a handle is also quite simple, but because there are two holes involved, there is a bit more to consider. If you drill two holes first and then try to install the handle, it’s possible that your marks were just a little out – and just a little bit is all that is needed to cause problems. The solution is to secure one side of the handle before drilling the hole for the other.

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Hold the handle where you want it to be placed on the cabinet door, not less than 1 inch from the edge. Adjust the two posts of the closet door handles so that they are the same distance from the edge of the door, with your measuring tape to be sure. Mark in the cabinet with your pencil around the position of the two posts. Drill a hole directly through the front of the door in one of the marks. Push the mounting screw through the back of the hole, from inside the door, so that the end of the screw protrudes from the front.

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Set the other handle post in place to check again that the second mark is correct. Let the closet door handles hang from the first screw, so you have access to the second mark. Drill through the face of the door in the second marked place. Adjust the second position over the hole. Insert the screw from behind, with the screwdriver to tighten it. Tighten the first screw.