How To Install Cabinet Door Knob

Door Knob And

Door Knob – There is a quick and easy way to make your kitchen cabinet look new. Replace the cabinet door knob. A new set of door fasteners is easily fixed to bring new life to any kitchen. So, without further ado here, how to install the cabinet door knob.

The first thing to do is to go to the store and find some new hardware. Be sure to bring door knob old with you. By bringing an old door knob you can match the screw hole. This will save you from having to drill a new hole and then find the hardware that will cover the existing hole in the closet.

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Now you have a whole big bag full door knob head back home and grab a screwdriver. If you choose a knob that matches the same hole pattern, it’s just a simple matter of inserting the screws and you’re done. If one of the holes has been stripped out just spray a little glue of wood into the hole, let it dry then run the screw back. But if you go with a slightly different style, it takes a little work to make sure all the doorknobs line up evenly. Put the new knob on the cabinet door and move it around until the old screw holes are covered.

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