How To Hanging Kitchen Lights

White Hanging Kitchen Lights

Hanging kitchen lights are often used as task lighting because they are a single light bulb fixture. Hanging lights are often over kitchen islands, breakfast tables and bars. The hanging light concentrates the light in the work area, while decorating in your home. There are many different styles and colors among the hanging lights and finding the perfect hanging light to hang in your home will be the hardest part of your project.

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Turn off the circuit that gives electricity to hanging kitchen lights by turning off the switch inside the main electrical panel. Install your hanging light according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The chain or rod attaches the jeweler, and wire threads through it. Attach the screw collar loop that comes with the pendant to the opposite end of the chain or rod.

Tighten the nut on the screw collar loop and install the canopy against the nut. The screw collar loop has external threads and nut twist on these threads. The nut holds the chapel against the ceiling after hanging kitchen lights. Twist the nipple into the opposite end of the screw collar loop. Screw the collar loop has internal threads as the nipple twists in. The nipple is a short hollow tube with threads down its entire outer length.

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