How To Hang An IKEA Wine Rack

Stylish IKEA Wine Rack

IKEA wine rack – Wine Rack provides an attractive and compact way to store several bottles of wine. Wine Rack available in several versions, including rack that sits on a counter and racks that hang on a wall or in a cabinet. Moreover, the wine rack is produced in many embodiment, such as wood, plastic and iron to supplement home furnishings. The most important aspect of hanging a wrought iron wine rack securing it to the wall so that it can support the weight of wine bottles eventually hold.

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Place a stud finder flat against a wall and turn it on by pressing the power button. Slide the stud finder against the wall until the unit beeps. Mark the spot on the wall with a pencil. Keep firing stud finder along the wall until another student is. Mark the location with a pencil, too. Ideally, each screw of the IKEA wine rack is inserted into a wall stud. Hold the rack against the wall so that the rack screw holes are aligned with the pencil markings indicating the wall studs.

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Put in a 3/4 inch screw, usually the IKEA wine rack, in one of the screw holes and screw into the wall by means of a screwdriver. Insert the remaining screws in the rack screw holes and screw them to the wall with the screwdriver. Place your hands on either side of the wine rack and try to shake it.

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