How To Drill Holes In Double Kitchen Sink

Image Double Kitchen Sink

Double kitchen sink come with all the holes you need for your crane and syringe, but sometimes you may want to install an extra tap, spray or soap pump to the existing sink. Stainless steel sinks are one of the most common types of sinks and the hardest to drill a hole. Porcelain and other types of sinks are easier to drill because the material is not as difficult as steel. Use the correct equipment and follow basic steps to drill a clean, precise hole in the sink.

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Press a nail carefully; close the area you want to drill. The little pit you create with the nail guides your drill. Apply the WD-40 to a 1/4 inch drill and to the sink on the double kitchen sink. The oil keeps the drill and zinc surface from overheating. Drill the hole at a low speed and tighten the drill. Do not drill faster than 300 rpm. Using a higher speed results in a bit of foam over the surface of zinc. Add more oil to a little and zinc surface if the bite starts to smoke.

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Watch out for chips or a spiral of metal produced as the drilling continues. Press the drill more difficult if you see a shortage of chips being produced. Speed ​​up the drill when you feel you’re almost through the metal. Otherwise the drill can catch a metal slab – if the double kitchen sink is metal – break a bit and damage the wrist. Doubling speed should work to avoid these complications. Drill with 1/2 inch drill to widen the hole at a higher speed.