How To Create Tree Stump Ideas

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Tree stump ideas can be done to create or utilize the dead tree into the better appearance. Indeed, you may have one or more dead trees in your home yard but you don’t know how to utilize the dead tree into a better look. Here are some steps that you can do to create the beautiful appearance for the dead tree. Just make sure you have the ideas or the concept of the plants or flowers that you want to plant.

Tree Stump Ideas of Creation

To create the tree stump or make the beautiful appearance of the dead tree, you will need these following steps for sure. The first step is creating a hole. You can use any tools to create the planting hole from inside of the dead tree. Creating a hole here can be done in minutes. It depends on how strong the dead tree is. Second step is finishing the hole. To finish the hole, you can also use any tools. Just make sure that all the surface of the hole is good and do not pour anything on t before you do the next step.

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Third step is creating the drain hole. To create the drain hole, you can drill it. So it will look like a small hole. This is made for the water that will drain to the plants or flowers you will plant here. The fourth step is filling the plant hole with some land or other surface to plant the flower and plants. After you have filled it, then the last step is planting the flowers and plants.

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Simple Tree Stump Decorating Ideas

For the decoration, it depends on the flower and plants you have planted there. For more beautiful look, you can plant the flowers that have bright colors. The colorful flowers will add the beauty of the appearance. Do not forget to water it daily so the plants and the flowers can grow up quickly and beautifully.

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