How To Convert Flush Mount Kitchen Lighting

Traditional Flush Mount Kitchen Lighting

Flush mount kitchen lighting – With some basic do-it-yourself skills and an afternoon, you can transform the outdated, recessed kitchen candle into an updated hanging fixture of your choice.



Turn off the light switch for the fixture you change. At the circuit box, turn off the switch for the light as well. Test the fixture to make sure the power is turned off by trying to turn it on at the power switch. Use the ladder to easily reach the fixture, take the fixture. Depending on the type of flush mount kitchen lighting, you may need to remove the protective glass first as you would to replace a light bulb. For safety reasons, it is best to remove bulbs before removing the fixture. With Modern lamps, they are attached to a console located in the ceiling. Remove the screws. Place your helper to hold the fixture.

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Ensure that wire wiring is matched with the same color wire; black to black, white to white, red to red, act. If they are not, make sure to make a note about it for installing the new fixture. Connect the cables by turning the wire plug in reverse. Put the connector down and finish separating the wires by recycling them from each other. There may be a wire attached from the flush mount kitchen lighting to a part of the metal mount in the ceiling, simply remove it from the bracket. It is the earth wire.

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