How To Connect Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet

Style Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet

Brushed nickel kitchen faucet – Apartments or some homes may not have an outside water tap available. When you need watering plants, washing a car or clearing the walkways, hoses are an important tool. Connecting the hose to a sink can be the only option. Most faucets are easily removable to add different types of contacts for clothes washers, hoses or dishwashers. It is important to attach a hose to the sink properly so that leaks and water damage do not occur.


Screw the tap on your brushed nickel kitchen faucet. This part connects to the tap where the water flows out. Try turning it by hand. If the play is too tight, insert it with a section of masking tape. The band will protect the goal from scratch. Then loosens with pliers. Remove the tape and manually screw to remove. Purchase a garden hose for the Aerator adapter. Every home improvement or department store will carry the adapter. Usually the adapters are universal; however, keep the receipt if the adapter does not fit your faucet.

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Screw the adapter onto the brushed nickel kitchen faucet. The wide part attaches to the crane. Tighten and turn on the water. If you have any leaks or water droplets, close. Wrap a piece of tape around the adapter and tighten with pliers. Remove the tape. Connect the hose to the end of the sink. Manually turn the hose end as tight as possible. Move the other end of the hose to the destination. Turn on the water; if leaks exist, tighten the hose with pliers.

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