How To Change Plumbing Kitchen Sink With Drainboard

Traditional Kitchen Sink With Drainboard

Kitchen sink with drainboard – Replacing the sink the plumbing for a double sink or a sink with two sewers is not as difficult as installing a new sewage system from scratch. After all, you have a plot of plumbing right in front of you so you know what it should look like. There are many kits you can buy designed specifically for double sinks that give you all PVC pipes, compression nuts, traps and tees you need to complete the job.


Draw a diagram of the kitchen sink with drainboard plumbing so that you have it as a reference when removing plumbing. Locate the connection pipe connecting the left sink to the tee wire to the right sink. Loosen the compression nuts on both ends of the connection pipe. If you cannot loosen the compression nuts with your hand, use the pliers to loosen them. Pull the pipe from the left sink sinks exhaust pipe and from the tee line to the right sink. This connects the entire left sewer.

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Loosen the nut that holds the tee pipe to the exhaust pipe on the right kitchen sink with drainboard. Release the nut that holds the tee tube to the trap. Loosen the nut that holds the straight pipe directly below the trap of the tube that extends into the floor. Slide straight down into the floor tube to separate the tee tube from the exhaust pipe. Slide the nut and then the tray on the straight tube. Slide the straight tube halfway into the tube that stretches into the floor. Slide a compression nut and wash the bottom of both end tubes.

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