How To Build Concrete Stair Treads

Concrete Stair Treads Decor

Concrete stair treads – It is not the first time we talk about the concrete stairs and some of its advantages. We have already said that, unlike what can happen with those of wood or plastic, the cement ones are safer, since they are not as slippery as the others, and durable. True, maybe they can be less aesthetic, however today there are many accessories that help a more delicate finish. Railings, for example, are an important aid.

Regardless of the advantages or disadvantages that may have concrete steps in this post what we will develop a series of useful tips and basic installation before the stairs of cement for interior. What may happen in some cases we have to replace a ladder existing to perform to cement new. In that case, the first thing we will have to do is, before removing the existing one, take the measurements correctly.

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That is, not only measure the length and width of the ladder and each of its steps, but also measure the distance between them and the height to which one is after another. With the measures taken, we can remove the existing ladder. Before creating the cement stairs to an inner we have to keep in mind, too, that we must cover everything there is likely to be spotted around or damaged with concrete when creating the ladder. We talk about doors, furniture, windows, decorative objects, etc. Everything must be covered with plastic, old newspapers or any material that protects them properly.

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