Homemade Wine Rack Cabinet Ideas

Wine Rack Cabinet Style

Wine rack cabinet – Unused cabinets in a kitchen, dining room or basement can be an ideal place to store wine. In fact, with a little effort, you can convert an ordinary cabinet in a conspicuous homemade wine rack with the capacity to store and display several cases of wine. The key is to build a grill rack in the cabinet, creating stable and attractive diagonal grid areas to support bottles individually or in clusters.

Planning and measurement, a lattice wine rack cabinet is quite easy to do, but it requires careful measurements and careful construction. Start by measuring the height, width and depth of the cabinet, as well as the diagonal distance between opposite corners and between the centers of adjacent walls.

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This is necessary because the internal structures of your wine rack cabinet are few wooden dividers in the form of an “X” with its endpoints in the cabinet corners. Around this “X”, arrange a diamond shape with four shorter wood divider. Each will have its ends to the centers of the adjacent walls and will be perpendicular to the long divider and parallel to the other. If you want, you can expand your design by adding additional lines to criss-cross dividers, but this will make the project more complicated.

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