Heavy Duty Dog Crate Design

New Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Heavy duty dog crate – As stack-able devices that lock together milk boxes make ideal units build larger structures. Resource persons using milk crates to create bed frames, shelving, benches, bicycle baskets and casings. The perforated nature of the milk box walls provide light and air in while still creating cave-like atmosphere, like a dog craves. Working with the milk crate as a unit also allows pet owners to customize the size and shape of a doghouse and easily disassemble and move it as needed.

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Plan heavy duty dog crate external dimensions (outside the milk box walls) and the internal dimensions (inside the milk box walls). Create outer dimensions that are divisible by depth – the longer sides – of the milk boxes. When considering exterior dimensions, pulling the width, the shorter side, of milk boxes to determine what will be the internal dimensions thereof. Check the resulting internal dimensions have a length of at least 1-1 / 2 times the dog’s length and a depth of at least 2/3 the length of the dog.

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Cut a piece of plywood to the floor with the outer length and depth dimensions. Cut a piece of plywood to a roof to fit the dimensions of the heavy duty dog crate. When cut, sand the cut ends to smooth out any roughness.