Health And Comfort Small Chicken Coop

Best Small Chicken Coop

Small chicken coop – Ventilation is very important for health and comfort of chickens. You must find a balance between sufficient in summer and in winter too. Most of subject’s favors mounted a foot to 18 inches above ground, with a wire mesh floor to ensure a good air flow around inside. It’s easy to design a floor sliding layer that can be placed under wire mesh for winter.

If you use a solid wood floor small chicken coop, try to incorporate a slight slope – such as quarter-inch to foot – so that water flows easily when hosing coop. You can make floor in half lengthwise, sloping towards center line coop. This will ensure a small crack along bottom for drainage edges, and will also make it easier to build – you can stay in one half of coop while determining at least half of floor!

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Access door for hens should be several inches above floor, again to prevent materials bedding will be kicked out of coop. This should be door for small chicken coop, not you! Access must be a larger door at back of coop test appropriate lockable and raccoon, if you have them as neighbors. This is where you come to clean coop, change sheets, check out feeders and drinkers and do other work necessary maintenance.

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