Granite Vs White Quartz Countertops Cost

Stylish White Quartz Countertops Cost

White quartz countertops cost – Granite is a natural stone extracted from the ground. And then cut into individual plates for dishes. Quartz is a constructed product made of approximately 93 percent natural quartz and 7 percent resin. And both materials have advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed according to your design preferences.

The costs between granite Vs white quartz countertops cost are comparable. Granite springs start at about $ 60 per square foot, and while quartz starts around $ 67 per square foot. For costs rise rapidly from the entry price point of granite as a result of color and individual flat properties. And also some tiles can top $ 200 per square meter, while quartz tops usually at about $ 100 per square meter.

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Both products are heavy, with quartz usually heavier than granite. Installation is best for professionals, which adds additional costs to both products. Then for installation Granite Vs white quartz countertops cost varies from region in country and proximity to countertop materials sources. And also both quartz and granite are tough, but not indestructible. Granite resists scratches and not bothered by heat or through water. And because it is a type of rock, the chip on objects can be dropped on it or otherwise treated too roughly.

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