Good Medium Dog Crate In Home

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Medium Dog Crate Oak

Medium dog crate – The reason why you cannot make standard for food boxes, of course, that dogs have different body sizes – i.e. small dogs need small food boxes and large dogs should have large supply tanks. Another thing that many dog owners swear, are poles at the edges of the feed box. The purpose of round logs is to prevent mother maser its puppies to feed the box walls.

By placing four poles on each of the medium dog crate long sides – by approximately 10 centimeters from the box walls and bottom – get the puppies a small clearance of about 10 × 10 cm and thereby avoid being crushed. It is recommended that you choose a box of a material that is easy to clean. It is not recommended to use boxes made from materials which sucks – such. Cardboard boxes or some wooden boxes do.

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Be sure to cover the bottom of the medium dog crate with newspapers and cover these with some old towels or blankets. The idea is that the feed box should be able to keep the puppies warm and dry – therefore, wet or dirty towels / blankets / newspapers replaced with dry.  You should not switch to dry towels / blankets / newspapers unless they indeed are wet or dirty; namely, they have a certain content of pheromones and odors from the mother, as the puppies find reassuring.

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