Good Grey Marble Countertops Style

New Grey Marble Countertops

Grey marble countertops are a fairly common, high-end solution for kitchen tables. And are often available with granite, ceramic tiles and other popular options. Fewer people know about concrete table tops. Which are make of concrete material like plates in garages, but carefully treate to give table tops a professional look. Stains, sealants, paints and epoxies can all use to make a concrete kitchen table look like a variety of stones.

Grey marble countertops, while not as popular as granite, are still a popular natural stone option. While marble cannot handle as much heat as concrete, the tiles or sheets can be cut, shipped and installed easier. And marble counters tend to be much thinner than concrete, then usually three quarters of an inch. Marble also often requires additional support, and although it does not come in as many color options as concrete. Considered a high quality material that adds more value to a home.

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Homeowners must work harder to preserve concrete countertops than grey marble countertops versions. Also both materials are absorbent and must be carefully seal to prevent stains. But sealants on concrete must replace more often, which can add to long term costs. And marble is more fragile than concrete and may require expensive repairs if damaged but when taken care of it generally has a longer life.

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