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Antique Barware Stainless

Antique Barware – Listen to the sound of the cork coming out of the bottle, contemplate the color that surrounds the glass as the wine is poured, receive the first aromas from the glass … Serve a barware of wine entails a ritual that activates all our senses and Predisposes us to fully enjoy our own wine, the occasion, and the company.

But to enjoy a good wine is important to have the right cup. If a great variety of antique barware exists, it is precise because each one of them provides different sensorial pleasures. Its main function is to enable the wine to develop fully and the aromas are directed in the right direction. For red wine, it is advisable to choose a large volume glass in order for the wine to oxygenate. The white ones are smaller and thin because they must keep the wine cold. The temperature of the wine will be better preserved the lower the exposed surface.

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The bottom of the cup should be wide and rounded and close at the top. This shape allows the wine to air and releases its aroma better. For sparkling wines, cavas or champagne, the antique barware must have the shape of a flute or tulip the aroma is enhanced, the effervescence is not lost and we can see the bubbles well. Lately, there is also a tendency to serve sparkling wines in barware intended for white wine.

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