Fixing Price Pfister Kitchen Faucet

Modern Price Pfister Kitchen Faucet

Price pfister kitchen faucet is a company that boasts 100 years of industry-leading innovations in the crane industry. Price Pfister is known for its environmentally friendly features, technical advances, design trends, durability and easy installation. All cranes are subject to normal wear, though, and can start leaking at any time.

Understanding how to fix your price pfister kitchen faucet itself can save a lot of money over the cost of hiring a plumber.


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Locate the main water line and turn off the water by turning the valve until you hear the water shut off. Test the crane to ensure it is turned off. Sew the drain with a cloth or drain plug to prevent small parts from falling. Find the small screw on the price pfister kitchen faucet handle, and remove it with an Allen key. Remove the crane handle by pulling it gently. Loosen the collar around the crane base by hand. If necessary, wrap a cloth around the collar and use a wrench to gently loosen it, which will prevent scratches on the surface coating. Unscrew the nuts on top of the spindle assembly using a wrench. Pull out the entire spindle assembly. Check the O-rings around the base of the collar and O-rings inside the spindle assembly, which are often the common causes of leakage cranes.

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