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Metal dog crate – To build its own feed box do not need to be complicated or expensive – on contrary it can be a fun little side project, where appropriate may involve children or other family members. However, there are a few precautions you should take to maintain hygiene, avoid damage to floor and most importantly; ensure dogs’ comfort. This page gives you a complete guide to building your own feed box, but also tips for location, decor, etc. If you already have a feed box.

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Within 7 days before birth should obtain a metal dog crate that bitch can prepare for her puppies. If you do not make for a feed box for your bitch, you risk that she builds her own nest in your bed, wardrobe etc. It is recommended that you procure feed box earlier – e.g. 2-3 weeks before birth (there is no need to wait until last minute!). This allows bitch time to get used to box and you will also better time to find an appropriate place for it.

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There are no formal requirements for supply tanks, but it must be so long that bitch can be stretched to about half width of second part. Metal dog crate sides should be high enough so that puppies cannot fall or climb out and there should be a small output. If you cannot make an end, pages must remain low enough that bitch can go out and into box.