Fabulous Noguchi Coffee Table

Noguchi Coffee Table And Flowers

Designed in 1944, American-Japanese sculptor Isamu Noguchi was crowned as one of the famous designers of the 20th century. Famous for creating “sculptured furniture”, Coffee Table or noguchi Coffee Table. The ideology of American-Japanese sculptor is based on the idea that the work of a sculptor should form space, give it a command and meaning, and this art. Must disappear and become one with his surroundings, join him.

And the noguchi Coffee Table has a natural location as a central table in the living room, between a sofa and an armchair. Given its dimensions it cannot function as a help desk, but as a coffee table. As for colors, you can choose it with legs of various shades of wood (ash, cherry, and walnut) or black, depending on the decoration of the room. Thus, in pop style interiors where color is the most important, we recommend you choose it in black, which gives it a more modern touch.

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In contrast, in neutral tone environments, although black will also be perfect, wood can provide a warmer touch. You also have the option of locale in color. In these cases, if you choose to give a bright color for noguchi coffee table, it will become the focal point to which the eyes will be directed, and therefore the rest of the decoration should not be very colorful.

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