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Big glass of wine – Drinking a glass of wine with a good friend is always a pleasant time. We put our glasses of red, pink or white wine, it does not matter; to feel in palate all sensations that we offer wines is always a relaxing moment. These wonderful moments, certainly could not be achieved with a common glass. To enjoy a good wine, we need good wine glasses! Wine can only be tasted in its fullness in wine glasses, and for this purpose each wine has a cup that adapts to demands of its properties.

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Big glass of wine are composed of three parts, foot or base, stem and chalice. Bottom of cup is responsible for securing cup, and its size is related to rest of cup. Stem of cup serves to hold cup and offers elegance, while in chalice, where wine is deposited, has necessary form to oxygenate each type of wine. Glass that makes up wine glasses should preferably be fine, so that purity and color of wine can be perfectly visualized.

Sense of taste is placed in tongue, which in turn distributes catalysts of flavor in different points: in tip of tongue we can notice sweet tastes, while later we can notice more acid and bitter tastes. Big glass of wine have task of directing wine for ideal place so that we can feel its entire flavor in best way. Each grape gives rise to each type of wine, therefore, each wine has properties and needs its respective glass of wine.

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