Elliptical Stair Climber Ideas

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Elliptical stair climber trolley makes it easier for a person to take heavy loads up or down stairs, compared to using a standard trailer. A stair climber does this with a triple-wheel design that rotates and levers its cargo.


Elliptical stair climber has three wheels on each side of its base, arranged in a triangular pattern. Some cars have a mechanism on wheels which lock them into a position where only one of the three wheels touch the ground, which makes maneuvering easier carriage.

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The wheels of a stair climber trolley are arranged so that when the user pulls the cart up the stairs, the gap between the two wheels hooks on the corner of the stairs. A wheel effective lever on the upper stairs and the user applies the leverage to pull the cart. Then rotate the wheels for the next steps.

An elliptical stair climber is based on principles from the straight and circular staircase design. It resembles a circular staircase in the structure, but the design creates an ellipse shape in the center. It also has several radii, while a circular staircase has only one. Because it has a more elongated shape, an elliptical shapes an attractive option for a smaller home.

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